Pioneer Plastics for all your Recycle Bins

With recycling having become a part of daily life, and something of a necessity in many ways, it is essential to make sure that you get the best products. When it comes to wheelie bins in South Africa you can find many standard items across a wide range of varieties and colours, but sometimes you may need something that is individual and bespoke. At Pioneer Plastics, leaders in the Rotational Moulding industry in South Africa, you can  not only find a comprehensive choice of off the shelf recycle bins and plastic products, but they are more than happy to help design and produce your specially required item.

With a design and production team with the required expertise in the field Pioneer Plastics can provide you with a full service to create and manufacture your individually designed item, and will use their expertise to make sure that you get a practical, usable and durable product at an affordable price. The fact is that their standard stock includes such a wide variety of styles, colours and types of recycle bin – for paper, plastic and glass recycling – that there is likely to be something for you in stock.

Pioneer Plastics is fully accredited in terms of industry standards and uses only the latest rotational moulding techniques and the best machinery, and the stock they produce is not limited to recycle litter bins. They also provide litter bins, road barriers, camping and outdoor gear, toilet huts, storage drums and much more – in fact, if it is a moulded plastic item, they can provide it for you. With a friendly and helpful team dedicated to providing the very best in top level customer service, and expertise in the field that is unrivalled, you can rely on Pioneer Plastics to find you the item you need.